CONDUCTIVE IXPE ,Anti static IXPE, Normal IXPE foam 

Technical Specification

1. Foam color Black, White, customizable
2.with conduction path inside,excellent conductive performance; Normal resistance of 10-106 Ohm/Square for conductive type.
3. The property of conductivity would not be affected by humdity;
Eco-friendly, non-toxic and odorless; Shock-absorption,water-proofing,anti-corrosion


Anti-static IXPE :

1. With conduction path / network inside. excellent anti static performance;
2. It promotes the rapid release of electrostatic without using the environmental humidity. anti-static performance is not affected by the environmental humidity;
3.  Excellent electrical conductivity, surface resistance: 103-109 Ω;
4. High temperature resistance: IXPE maximum temperature 80℃
5. Heat insulation, sound insulation, water absorption, moisture; Good processing performance, easy molding. 

Normal IXPE foam 

  1. Excellent thermal insulation
  2. A high compressive strength
  3. Good flame retardant properties
  4. Excellent water resistance
  5. Excellent resistance to wet moisture effects Low cost