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  • Corrugated Paper Box
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  • paper conrugaed conductive

Corrugated Containers : Paper packaging from corrugated board from variety of flute type such as  B, C, E, BC to serve variety of product type of packing and transportation condition

Flute E (Single wall Corrugated Board)

Properties able to withstand shocks and low thrust forces Used to make small boxes, die cut boxes can be molded more easily than B and C cells and the best printing support. Commonly used for packing products Categories emphasize the beauty of the box, such as children’s cosmetics.

Flute B (Single wall Corrugated Board)

Properties Good anti-shock and stabbing resistance Easy to fold and bend Suitable for products that can support weight by themselves, such as cans

Flute C (Single wall Corrugated Board)

Properties is Combined strength and flexibility Able to withstand shocks And stabbed through well Is very popular Has a shockproof property And the shape of the paper is better than the B and E cells, the weight can be better stacked than the B and E cells, can be produced both die cut and RSC type

Flute BC (Double Wall Corrugate Board)

Properties has Shockproof property Extra strength And better paper shapes Commonly used for products that require high protection Or heavy Can support good stacking weight such as television, refrigerator, engine parts